Top 4 for Baby 4

Top 4 for Baby 4

We welcomed baby number 4 (Miss Mackenzie Ruth!) on May 11 at 11:01 am and have been settling into a new routine these last two weeks. With increased downtime resting, recovering and getting all the baby snugs I can, I have also found myself scrolling a little [read a lot] more. There are so many opinions out there about what you need and don’t need for babe and it inspired me to add another one and share my 4 favorite items for baby number 4. These are the four items that I use all day everyday right now so I would say these are my must haves! 


SnuggleMe Infant Lounger.  

I love a good lounger for babe, especially with other toddlers in the home. You never know when you are going to have to put the baby down to wipe a bum, make dinner or just hold your other children. A lounger gives baby a safe space to lay while you handle all the things. We have also used a dock a tot in the past and while I don’t think you can go wrong with either I have found I personally prefer the SnuggleMe. (Also if you are looking for the perfect baby sleeper...we found it. Snag a Gunamuna convertible footie on our site today!)



My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow. 

I have used the boppy, and nothing and the nearest couch pillow and this was a game changer with baby 3. We struggled BIG TIME with breastfeeding my third son and among other interventions, the lactation consultant recommended this pillow and it was a total game changer. While this time around has gone much smoother, this pillow still makes a huge difference. It even features a handy pocket to toss your phone, a snack, nipple balm or whatever you want handy in. My 4 year old calls it baby Ruthie’s table which I think is just hilarious. 




Egg Light. 

No that’s not the official name but it fits! I love this little light, I even take it to the hospital for the stay following delivery. It is easily adjustable to give off the perfect amount of light and holds charge for a very long time. I use it nightly and have left it on for most of the night a few times now and have only charged it once in 2.5 weeks. It is also perfect for travel. 

Egg light:

ALL the sound machines! 

I don’t know how our parents had kids without sound machines. Kidding…kinda. We started using them with our second and haven’t turned back. We now have one in every bedroom and multiple ones for on the go. We love the Hatch family. The kids version has multiple light and sound options, super customizable and it has even helped with keeping our 4 year old in bed...we programmed the light to change at 7:30 and that’s his cue it is ok to get up. They even have a sunrise alarm called the Restore for adults and you guessed it…we have it. 

Hatch Gen 2:

Hatch Mini:

Hatch Restore:

Frida Baby:

Yoga Sleep:

Let me know your favorite baby items in the comments!


*All items linked to Amazon earn commission. I only recommend products I use and love! Thank you for supporting our family when shopping small and shopping big! 

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